SIMS Workstation Summer 2004 Update

Please Use the New Mini Solus Installation Method.  Using this MSI will break your SIMS installation.

As always happens, there is an update to SIMS and I am the last person to know.  Mean while Schools are installing the Summer 2004 update on there systems.  This is normally not going to cause an issue, but there if you have used the MSI package that I have previously released through this site, then you will be in for a spot of bother.

Because of the nature of MSI files, they have the ability to self-repair.  What this means is that when the SIMS Online updating application (SOLUS) detects that there is a newer version of SIMS on the network it starts updating the local workstation.  SIMS appears to work after SOLUS has finished, but the next time SIMS .net is launched SIMS no longer works – allsorts of error messages appear, etc.

Once again, I will remind Schools to check for a new MSI BEFORE they install an upgrade to SIMS, otherwise you will have problems that your helpline support will not be able to help you with.

Upgrading your SIMS MSI file is actually quite simple, the following instructions apply to RM Community Connect 3 networks, although the MSI can be used with Active Directory for standard Microsoft software deployment.

  1. On your main file server Download the latest MSI file from the file repository, save the file into C:/TEMP.
  2. Once the file has downloaded, open Windows Explorer and browse to C:/TEMP and copy the file into the Windows Clipboard.
  3. Now browse to D:/RMNetwork/RMManage/Packages/Applications/SIMS Workstation Setup   – (choose the folder where you have previously used the package)
  4. Enter the V1.0.0.0 folder, you will now find the existing MSI, package.ini file and writeaccess.ini files.
  5. Rename the SIMS_Workstation_Complete.MSI to SIMS_Workstation_Summer_2004.MSI
  6. Paste the new SIMS Workstation MSI into this folder.
  7. Rename the MSI file from SIMS_Workstation_Summer_2004_Update.msi to SIMS_Workstation_Complete.MSI
  8. Use the RM System Management console to redeploy the SIMS Workstation package to all workstations that have previously had the package installed.

There, simple isn’t it.

Apparently there is another SIMS update due out.  I have actually been waiting for this for a little while, but it won’t be released until at least mid November.  As soon as I get a copy of the CD, I will endeavour to produce a new package available.


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