Get rid of the RDP 6.0 pre-logon password prompt

If you connect to Terminal Servers quite regularly then you will most likely use the latest version of the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection tool.  The current version is RDP 6.0 and was released some time in 2006.  One of the neat features it has is the ability to log in using stored credentials, great if your Administrator has setup the Terminal Server to deal with that, otherwise it is a real pain, as you have to enter user details twice before logging on. 

Microsoft in there infinite wisdom, have not included a GUI option to switch off this extra pre-logon username and password prompt.  However this can be easily switched off by adding a small line to a configuration file.

First of all, I would recommend making a change to the Default.rdp file that is created when you make your first connection to a Terminal Server or Windows XP remote desktop.  This file is hidden in your My Documents folder.

If you can be bothered to switch on Hidden files and search find the file in Explorer, then you will need to Edit the file using Notepad.  As you are all skilled users, I am not going to teach you that.

Alternatively, you can use the following command using the Run dialog box.

NOTEPAD "%USERPROFILE%My Documentsdefault.rdp"

It is important that you use the quotes, otherwise Notepad may get confused and moan at you.   Once you have the file open, add the following line as a new line anywhere in the file.  The RDP client will isn't fussy where you put it.


Save the file and close.  Now open MSTSC and connect you your favourite server.

If you have saved a connection to the Desktop for example, then Edit the file using Notepad and add the line as above.  The Remote Desktop Client will no longer bug you to enter your password details before you make a connection. 


Keep your eyes peeled for a new version of the Remote Desktop Connection tool, this will be released around the same time as Windows Server 2008. 

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