Security package error – Windows 10 RDP

About the issue Users of the Remote Desktop client (MSTSC), may experience a “Security package error occurred in the transport layer” message when the connection is configured to use a Remote Desktop Gateway.  This condition is likely to occur when the client workstation access the internet via a proxy server. The HTTP Protocol The Remote […]

Internet Explorer JavaScript not working

On the Service Desk where I work had an interesting problem with Internet Explorer.  What was happening was that the user was able to visit a site, but items on the site, like roll-over images and pop-up windows did not work.  Another thing that didn’t work was the Users Applet from the Control Panel. At first we […]

Remove all profiles on startup

Occasionally Windows XP manages to stuff up its roaming profile, when this happens, resolving profile related problems can be difficult.  Schools running Community Connect 3 will benefit from the “Reset Profile” option in the System Management Console, however, profile problems may quickly return, as they often remain on several workstations. To help cure this problem […]