Configuring a static IPv4 addresses Windows Server 2012 R2

Configuring a Windows Server IP address hasn’t really changed much in the last 15 years, albeit Microsoft did try to make it super complicated to get to during the Windows Vista and Windows 7 period.  However the designers behind Windows Server 2012 R2 have made it a lot easier to update IP address settings. The […]

Survey your site

When installing a wireless network that is going to be used all around your school, it is important to survey the buildings and map out where each wireless access point will be placed.  It will also allow you to find the best positions to place new cabling and to help stretch your budget a little […]

What is a MAC address

A MAC address is a unique identifying number that works in a similar way to a TCP/IP address, however this magic number is usually assigned to a network device when it is manufactured.  If your network uses TCP/IP, IPX or even NetBeui then all of these protocols will rely on the MAC address. 

What is Radius

Radius is a method of authenticating users and computers that are connected to a host system or network remotely or using wireless networking.  It can be used to control authentication and data encryption protocols on a wireless network system. 

Wireless Standards what are they

Anyone looking into installing a wireless system will eventually ask the question "Which protocol do I go for?"  The answer to this question can be worked out by assessing the equipment that you already have in the school and the type of equipment you will be getting.  You will also need to know about your […]

What is WPSK

WPSK or WPA-PSK uses a pre-shared Key for authentication on a wireless system, so you don’t need a Radius Server. In order to access a WPA/WPA2 protected network all Wireless devices such as laptops, tables and smartphones would use the same pre-shared Key (PSK) to access a particular SSID. Data on a wireless network is usually […]

What is WEP, and how to use it

WEP is an acronym for Wired Equivalent Privacy.  This basically means that all data that is to be transmitted over a wireless local area network (WLAN) is encrypted using a 64bit or 128bit encryption key.

Securing a Wireless Network

Have you ever wondered how you can prevent unauthorized people from accessing your school ? s network if you have a wireless network infrastructure at your school. Wireless Access Points have several different ways that you can employ to secure your wireless network . This article will give you information about the ways to help […]

Basic information you need to know about Wireless Networking.

More and more schools are seeing wireless networking as the future for making better use of ICT in the classroom.  With the competitive pricing of laptops and wireless kit there is a big market for this type of technology. However, as with any major project, planning is vital.  This article aims to point you in […]