What is WPSK

WPSK or WPA-PSK uses a pre-shared Key for authentication on a wireless system, so you don’t need a Radius Server. In order to access a WPA/WPA2 protected network all Wireless devices such as laptops, tables and smartphones would use the same pre-shared Key (PSK) to access a particular SSID. Data on a wireless network is usually transmitted encrypted using a 64Bit, 128Bit or 256 Bit key that is derived from the PSK.  Once a device connects to the wifi network using the PSK, the device is issued with a different randomised key that is used for the actual encryption of data. This randomised key changes regularly, providing greater protection of data. WPA/WPA2 is more secure than WEP, and is recommended for systems where no backward compatibility is needed.

Read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WPA2

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