Organising Active Directory

This post is as an update to the Server 2003 version of Organising Active Directory Users and Computers.  The structure and operation of Active Directory hasn’t really changed much on the surface as you can see from the comparative screenshots below. 2003 2012 R2 To access Active Directory Users and Computers, Start Server Manager, then from […]

Active Directory Bulk Editor

Ever need to change a single property of a whole set of user accounts.  I had to change the Home Drive letter assigned to over a 2000 accounts on a Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain recently.

Group Policy Management Console

If you have been using Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 server platforms with Active Directory, you will already be aware of the power and flexibility that Group Policy can provide within the domain. Until recently Group Policy management was only available by using the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snapin’s at the server or workstations […]

SIMS Workstation Summer 2004 Update

Please Use the New Mini Solus Installation Method.  Using this MSI will break your SIMS installation. As always happens, there is an update to SIMS and I am the last person to know.  Mean while Schools are installing the Summer 2004 update on there systems.  This is normally not going to cause an issue, but there […]