Internet Explorer Proxy Control

Do you have teachers complaining that they can’t access the Internet on there laptops when they are at home?  The chances are they are trying to use there own broadband and Internet Explorer has been enabled for the schools filtered internet service.  Proxy Control can help.

This is a common problem for school teachers and causes endless amounts of frustration for teachers.  Training teachers to change Internet Browser proxy setting can be problematic as the route to configure the proxy setting is hidden away.  Teachers will need to enable or disable the setting when the return to the school network, if they can get the hang of changing the settings.  In some cases, network administrators may disable the ability to alter the proxy settings.


Proxy Control – The solution

Schooltechnician has created a solution that will work with Windows to switch on or off the Internet Explorer proxy settings.  Run the application by double clicking on a desktop icon, then selecting the appropriate button.  The simple interface will make the necessary changes within 2 clicks.

  • “I am at Home”
  • “I am at School”

The Proxy control program is available to download as an MSI installer.  The installer will create a Desktop Shortcut and Start Menu entry.

Download it today by clicking this link – ProxyControlSetup.


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