Robocopy GUI

If you like using the Microsoft Robocopy tool from the Server Resource kit to copy files across networks and disks, then you might be interested to know that there is a user friendly GUI.

The Microsoft Robocopy tool is a very powerful command line application that has the power to copy or mirror a folder structure from one drive to another.  I use this tool most often when migrating data from one server to another. 

See article – Need to copy files across a network?

Whilst I don't make use of all the options, I find that I can make best use of my time, by mapping a network drive and setting up a batch file to resume copying files etc.  Because of the automatic resumption and the need to not re-copy existing files, it makes the migration fairly quick.  I can reboot as often as the server needs, when I logon, the server just starts the copy process again.

The command line can be quite awkward to use, there are so many options it is easy to miss something like the retry timeout, or to apply the same dates to files.  This is where a GUI becomes particuluarly useful.

Microsoft Technet has details on there site about the new GUI tool.  You can find out more and download from;



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