Since building a Windows XP machine with Service Pack 2, the schools that I support have been experiencing problems on exiting FMS.  What happens is that a Windows message DWWIN.EXE is displayed and then FMS just appears in the task list along with the DBClient.exe application.

SIMS Workstation MSI for network deployment

Creating an MSI to deploy SIMS .net is quite time consuming, so to reduce the demands upon my time. I set about designing an MSI that didn’t have to be updated 3 times a year.  The result is a downloadable MSI package that can be used by schools for deploying SIMS on their RM Community…

SIMS .net database backup

With the increasing threat from Crypto Virus and other malware, your SIMS .net Database Backup has never been so important.  Microsoft SQL is an always on service and usually keeps a database locked open providing a small layer of protection from unfortunate events.  However modern Malware and Crypto Virus now cause servers to reboot into…

FMS and Windows XP Service Pack 2 Firewall Notes

FMS Stops working when Service Pack 2 for Windows XP is installed.  This problem is caused by the built-in Windows Firewall.  There are two solutions that can be used.  Option 1 is to allow the SQL service to be an exception, option 2 is to switch off the Windows firewall.  Read on for more info.

SIMS Workstation Summer 2004 Update

Please Use the New Mini Solus Installation Method.  Using this MSI will break your SIMS installation. As always happens, there is an update to SIMS and I am the last person to know.  Mean while Schools are installing the Summer 2004 update on there systems.  This is normally not going to cause an issue, but there…