cURL error 28: Connection timed out

One of my work WordPress sites is hosted internally and requires an upstream proxy to access the internet. I’ve had issues with the CRON jobs failing and the cURL error 28 message appearing, but never managed to figure out the issue until now. WordPress 5.1 brought in a new feature in the Tools menu called…

PC Emulator Virtual PC

Have you ever needed to test out a new bit of software or a new version of an operating system but didn’t have a spare computer that you could allocate for the testing?  If so, the solution is simple.  Your computer can run a bit of software that will emulate a computer inside of a…

Take control of Domain Passwords with Password Control

There are many ways to change passwords on a Windows Active Directory Domain.  Users can change their own passwords on the workstation.  However for Network administrators there are not any built-in tools for administrating other user network passwords, unless you Remote Desktop to the Domain Controller or have installed the local support tools for Active…

Find and deal with Duplicate Files

With in any one system, there may be hundreds of files that are essentially taking up space.  These files range from JPG images, MP3 down to program files and the occasional folder backup.   However finding these files can be quite time consuming.

Robocopy GUI

If you like using the Microsoft Robocopy tool from the Server Resource kit to copy files across networks and disks, then you might be interested to know that there is a user friendly GUI.

FEAD Optimizer Extract Tool

It has finally arrived.  Introducing the FEAD Optimizer Extraction tool. This tool is designed to allow the quick extraction of a FEAD Optimized installer application such as Acrobat Reader.  I am surprised that NetOpSystems who make FEAD have not developed an application for network administrators that will allow easy extraction of the proprietary compressed files. …

Windows Update or Microsoft Update

Those of you who regularly use the Windows Update feature of Windows XP may have noticed that Microsoft have now created an enhanced version of the automated update tool. Microsoft Update has the ability to update any Microsoft application and not just Windows.

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

You can never be to careful when it comes to protecting your file servers and important workstations.  Windows Update doesn’t always provide all the current updates and security patches to protect your systems. Microsoft has a free solution that will help to identify security problems in your network.  It is called the Microsoft Baseline Security…

The Ultimate Boot CD

For the past year or so, I have been using a magical bootable CD that enabled me to boot a computer into a working version of Windows XP so that I could recover files, run diagnostics or Ghost a hard drive to another machine.  What is this magical CD?

Need to copy files across a network? Use RoboCopy

If you are migrating a file server or just have lots of files to copy from one networked machine to another, then instead of using the Windows Explorer method of copying the files, why not use RoboCopy?

Documenting scripts and source code

When writing applications, it is vital to be able to look back at your code and understand exactly what each line of code does as quickly as possible. Retrospectively Documenting scripts and source code is time consuming and prone to error, so its best to write the comments either as you are writing the code,…

Internet Explorer Max Connections

If you are using a broadband connection it can be quite frustrating having to wait for Internet Explorer to finish rendering a web page.  Internet Explorer has a built in limit to the number of items that can be downloaded at any one time.  This limitation has been defined as part of the HTTP Specifications. …

Netopsystems – FEAD Optimizer – Command Line

FEAD Optimizer is a system that is used to compress installation files into a highly compact distributable file.  The intention is of course to save on bandwidth and make installation a lot more reliable.  The FEAD compressed file works sort of like an executable ZIP file.  But unlike a ZIP file there are no third party…

Internet Explorer Proxy settings

Here is a bit of VB Script that will change the proxy settings of a machine if you are unable to access the Internet Explorer control panel or the Windows Registry. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK