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Whilst surfing the net looking for information on using Group Policy to set workstations power options so that they would not go into standby. I came across a website that had programs, links and valuable resources for Group Policy.

The website had exactly the information I needed to be able to change the Power Settings using a Group Policy.  The site also has a number of other very useful resources and links to free E-books.  Whilst the site isn’t a beginers guide to GPO the average technician would easily find the information accessible and useful.

The site owner certainly seems to know what he is talking about and has experience of using Group Policy from its first incarnation as Policy Editor in Windows 3.51 and NT4 right up to the latest Group Policy Management Console in Windows 2003.

There are links to applications that many administrators could definately do with in there tool kits.  One application allows a "remote refresh" of group policy.  This is useful if you need to push an update to a machine and can’t wait for default Windows refresh to take place.

Other tools include a Registry Fragment to ADM template, this allows you to export a chunk of registry and customise it into a Policy Template that can be deployed to a group of machine or users using Active Directory.

There is also a useful F.A.Q section that has some every day questions and answers about Group Policy and templating.

All in all this is a useful site that I would recommend administrators to visit at least once, I am sure you will find it interesting.


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