Building a Debian Linux Server

This article will guide you through the process of building a Debian Linux Server, that forms the base for many of the Linux articles on this used on this site.  You will need to download and burn a copy of the Debian CD.

Creating your own caching proxy server

Building a caching/filtering proxy server of your own isn’t really a complicated task, all you need is computer that has at least 1 core or better and has 1Gb or RAM and at least a 100GB hard drive. The next thing that you will need is an operating system and a bit of software to do the […]

The Ultimate Boot CD

For the past year or so, I have been using a magical bootable CD that enabled me to boot a computer into a working version of Windows XP so that I could recover files, run diagnostics or Ghost a hard drive to another machine.  What is this magical CD?

Securing a Wireless Network

Have you ever wondered how you can prevent unauthorized people from accessing your school ? s network if you have a wireless network infrastructure at your school. Wireless Access Points have several different ways that you can employ to secure your wireless network . This article will give you information about the ways to help […]


Since building a Windows XP machine with Service Pack 2, the schools that I support have been experiencing problems on exiting FMS.  What happens is that a Windows message DWWIN.EXE is displayed and then FMS just appears in the task list along with the DBClient.exe application.

Adding a Domain Account to a local security group

Windows Scripting Host is a very powerful tool that allows you to use simple Visual Basic code syntax to change or customise settings of a computer.  This script will allow you to use Window Active Directory Group Policy to add a domain user account or group to a local security group of a Windows 2000/XP […]

Group Policy Management Console

If you have been using Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 server platforms with Active Directory, you will already be aware of the power and flexibility that Group Policy can provide within the domain. Until recently Group Policy management was only available by using the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snapin’s at the server or workstations […]

Need to copy files across a network? Use RoboCopy

If you are migrating a file server or just have lots of files to copy from one networked machine to another, then instead of using the Windows Explorer method of copying the files, why not use RoboCopy?

Install the Windows Recovery Console for Server 2003

Some times it is necessary to boot into the recovery console to repair your server installation or run a chkdsk.  Normally you would boot from the installation CD and choose the relevant boot options.  However you can also install the Recovery Console to the system partition so that you can boot into the recovery console […]

Documenting scripts and source code

When writing applications, it is vital to be able to look back at your code and understand exactly what each line of code does as quickly as possible. Retrospectively Documenting scripts and source code is time consuming and prone to error, so its best to write the comments either as you are writing the code, […]

SIMS Workstation MSI for network deployment

Creating an MSI to deploy SIMS .net is quite time consuming, so in an effort to reduce the demands upon my time. I set about designing an MSI that didn’t have to be updated 3 times a year.  The end result is a downloadable MSI package that can be used by schools for deploying SIMS […]

Internet Explorer Max Connections

If you are using a broadband connection it can be quite frustrating having to wait for Internet Explorer to finish rendering a web page.  Internet Explorer has a built in limit to the number of items that can be downloaded at any one time.  This limitation has been defined as part of the HTTP Specifications.  […]

SIMS .net database backup

With the increasing threat from Crypto Virus and other malware, your SIMS .net Database Backup has never been so important.  Microsoft SQL is an always on service and usually keeps a database locked open providing a small layer of protection from unfortunate events.  However modern Malware and Crypto Virus now cause servers to reboot into […]

FMS and Windows XP Service Pack 2 Firewall Notes

FMS Stops working when Service Pack 2 for Windows XP is installed.  This problem is caused by the built-in Windows Firewall.  There are two solutions that can be used.  Option 1 is to allow the SQL service to be an exception, option 2 is to switch off the Windows firewall.  Read on for more info.

SIMS Workstation Summer 2004 Update

Please Use the New Mini Solus Installation Method.  Using this MSI will break your SIMS installation. As always happens, there is an update to SIMS and I am the last person to know.  Mean while Schools are installing the Summer 2004 update on there systems.  This is normally not going to cause an issue, but there […]

Netopsystems – FEAD Optimizer – Command Line

FEAD Optimizer is a system that is used to compress installation files into a highly compact distributable file.  The intention is of course to save on bandwidth and make installation a lot more reliable.  The FEAD compressed file works sort of like an executable ZIP file.  But unlike a ZIP file there are no third party […]

Internet Explorer Proxy settings

Here is a bit of VB Script that will change the proxy settings of a machine if you are unable to access the Internet Explorer control panel or the Windows Registry. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

Basic information you need to know about Wireless Networking.

More and more schools are seeing wireless networking as the future for making better use of ICT in the classroom.  With the competitive pricing of laptops and wireless kit there is a big market for this type of technology. However, as with any major project, planning is vital.  This article aims to point you in […]

SIMS SQL – Can’t access database

After installing SIMS Launcher on a workstation, System Manager and Attendance modules display an error stating that the network server or device cannot be found, or a message can’t access database. If this is the case, drop to the command prompt and check to see if the server machine can be pinged.  If the server […]