Using ImageX to capture a disk image

The Microsoft Windows Image format (WIM) is a file based format used in Windows Vista and can also be used to deploy legacy Windows XP workstations.  Because the format is file based, there are several advantages associated with this.  The image can be applied to a FAT or NTFS partition.  The format also offers Single…

Exchange 2003 to 2007 Migration

There are many new features in Exchange 2007 that Schools may benefit from.  There are plenty or articles and bits of information about Exchange 2007 already on the Internet.  But there is not really a basic Migration guide, so I have tried to fill in the gaps so that at least School Network Administrators can…

What is Radius

Radius is a method of authenticating users and computers that are connected to a host system or network remotely or using wireless networking.  It can be used to control authentication and data encryption protocols on a wireless network system. 

Defragmenting Tools

The more senior computer administrator will remember the old black screen days of DOS and will remember the first Defragmentation tools that became available. Of course back then Defragging a hard drive was quite a novel idea.

Wireless Standards what are they

Anyone looking into installing a wireless system will eventually ask the question "Which protocol do I go for?"  The answer to this question can be worked out by assessing the equipment that you already have in the school and the type of equipment you will be getting.  You will also need to know about your…

Windows Update or Microsoft Update

Those of you who regularly use the Windows Update feature of Windows XP may have noticed that Microsoft have now created an enhanced version of the automated update tool. Microsoft Update has the ability to update any Microsoft application and not just Windows.

What is WEP, and how to use it

WEP is an acronym for Wired Equivalent Privacy.  This basically means that all data that is to be transmitted over a wireless local area network (WLAN) is encrypted using a 64bit or 128bit encryption key. – Group Policy Stuff

Whilst surfing the net looking for information on using Group Policy to set workstations power options so that they would not go into standby. I came across a website that had programs, links and valuable resources for Group Policy.